Experiences at Historic Hudson Valley are only possible through the generosity of individuals like you, foundations, corporate partners, and public agencies.

Because we are a nonprofit, we rely on your support to develop programs in history, literature, and the arts that serves more than 300,000 visitors every year, including 15,000 children, many of whom are from underserved schools and may have never been to a museum or historic site.

If you enjoy our special programs or tours, or are inspired by the history we present in thought-provoking and engaging ways, please invest in Historic Hudson Valley with a fully tax-deductible gift.

Your donation helps create vital opportunities for students to make connections between their lives and the individuals who lived in the Hudson River Valley centuries ago. Your support helps provide young people with the tools they need to contribute to today’s global conversations about the oppressed, women’s ever-changing roles, and international trade.

Even the smallest donations add up!

Donate $10

Buys two pair of cotton gloves to handle Washington Irving’s diplomatic uniform and other fragile historic items.

Vote Like a Girl

Donate $20

Covers the cost for two children to participate in Vote Like a Girl, a Women’s History Institute event.

Donate $25

Buys materials for children to participate in demonstrations at Philipsburg Manor.

Donate $50

Buys a new reference book for the Historic Hudson Valley Library.

Donate $75

Buys five bushels of apples for cider pressing at CORNucopia.

Donate $100

Provides coal and iron for a blacksmithing demonstration at Van Cortlandt Manor.

Runaway Art

Donate $250

Provides supplies for students learn about the history of the enslaved individuals who lived and worked at Philipsburg Manor and create related artwork.

Donate $300

Covers the cost of a class field trip to Philipsburg Manor, where students see how people lived and worked in the 1700s.

make a donation

Make a Donation

Admissions, memberships, and gift shop sales help support Historic Hudson Valley but cover only a portion of what we do.

Please support Historic Hudson Valley and help us fulfill our mission to celebrate the history,architecture, landscape, and culture of the Hudson Valley.

Double your impact. Many companies participate in matching-gift programs, enabling you to double your contribution. Check with your employer’s Human Resources Department to see if your gift can be matched and have an even greater impact.

Give the Gift of Membership

A Historic Hudson Valley membership is a gift that’s always in season. Brighten someone’s year with FREE admission to Blaze and much more!