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Teaching Tools: People Not Property

Historic Hudson Valley staff discuss the importance of teaching Northern slavery and introduce the People Not Property website as a primary resource and teaching tool.

Teacher Talks: Lesson Plans in Action

This series of short videos is designed to help teachers feel more comfortable and confident in teaching the topic of northern colonial slavery. See how teachers have used our lesson plans in conjunction with the People Not Property website.

Webinars: Teaching About Slavery

Watch a series of teacher webinars from March 2024 where educators from across the country shared their experiences and strategies for teaching the history of Northern slavery. Participants learned tangible skills to use with their students and received adaptable lesson plans suitable for various grade levels.

Essential Resources

Additional Resources from our Partners

Glossary for Teaching Slavery in the Classroom
Definitions of common words used in People Not Property and other materials

A Quick Reference Guide to teaching Hard History: K-12 Framework for Teaching American Slavery
A downloadable PDF from Learning for Justice

Resources for Discussing Difficult Topics
A collection of guides and links to help educators engage students in ways that help students take care of themselves while discussion troubling subject matter in the classroom.

Talking to Children About the History of Slavery in the United States: A Resource for Parents and Caregivers
A guide from Learning for Justice on how caregivers can discussing the history and legacy of slavery and race with children, with suggestions by age.

Slave Voyages
Explore the origins and forced relocations of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic world.

Freedom on the Move
Rediscover the stories of self-liberating people in this database of fugitives from American slavery.