Tag: Slavery in the Colonial North

People Not Property

HHV Introduces Interactive Documentary Resource Focused on Northern Colonial Slavery

Interactive documentary presents HHV’s newest phase of sharing the stories and lives of enslaved people. Dina, Sampson, Abigal, Charles. Sam, Caesar, Venture and Massey. The hand-written names slowly illuminate the screen, floating over a parchment inventory dated 1750. These are the enslaved individuals who lived and worked at Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, New York, […]

2017 NEH Teachers' Institute

NEH Teachers’ Institute at Philipsburg Manor, July 2019

Learning how to tell the whole story about slavery in the colonial North Several dozen teachers who visited Philipsburg Manor in the summer of 2017 explored the grounds of the provisioning plantation to absorb details of colonial life for their lesson plans. They noted how the manor house was managed, what herbs filled the garden […]